Tips to Check Low Blood Sugar and Treat It

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The person who suffers from low blood sugar always notices some symptoms which he or she may not take serious. The person may suffer from headache, start sweating, feel dizzy or his heart may start pounding unnecessarily. If these signs of low blood sugar continue then it is important to test the level of blood glucose and take essential steps for jumping to the healthier level.

The most famous method of checking the blood sugar level is to use a finger stick method. Before indulging into such type of test, the better idea is to hold the hand under the waist for 1 to 2 minutes. This will allow the blood to pool in fingers and it will be easier to collect. It is better to stick on the side of the finger; as sticking in finger tip may hurt more. It will also not produce the required amount of blood. Once the blood is collected just drop it on the testing strip and put it on the meter for checking the results.

There are many diabetics who do not like pricking as they feel it is hurting. There is one non invasive technique of blood sugar testing as well. This is carried out with the help of a watch like device. This device employs a slight electrical shock for pulling the fluids through skin for monitoring glucose blood level. It is better to wear this electrical device for around 3 hours before actually taking the reading.

If the reading says that blood sugar level is low than required then it is recommended that person should immediately drink or eat which contains sugar. The person can take anything from raisins to fruit juice or sodas. This type of snacking should be continued till the glucose blood level raises over eighty.

If the blood sugar level falls even low then quick acting sugar is not sufficient to resolve the problem. In such a case it is essential to visit hospital where glucagon treatment could be applied. Glucagon is a hormone that causes the level of blood glucose to rise.

If someone has doubt that his blood sugar level is low then it is important that he should try to find out his level of blood glucose as soon as possible. This can be done with the help of finger pricking. The people who do not like finger pricking can go for non invasive methods. If the level of blood glucose is too low then t is better to try some quick acting sugar. If the condition persists then it is better to visit hospital.

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